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With the widespread use of the Internet, advertising and promotional activities of brands have also moved to digital areas. In the information age we live in, communication and shopping habits have also changed significantly as well as the lifestyles of people. Today, every brand should have a website and this website should be prepared by professionals in accordance with the style and concept of the brand.

As Web Batı Bilişim Advertising Agency, it combines years of experience with the technology of the future; We make high performance websites specially for your brand.

Why Every Brand Should Have a Website

  • Brands' target audience and customers spend a lot of time on the internet daily.
  • Therefore, digital media is a very productive area for advertising and promotional activities.
  • Sustained in the reality of life; entertainment, shopping, obtaining information and communication activities have now gained an
  • important place in the digital environment.
  • Campaigns run on websites and social media are much less costly and can be measured in a much healthier way.
  • By communicating instantly with the target audience, product sales or service delivery are made much easier and faster.
  • What Are Our Web Design Features
  • New generation technical equipment and software are used by following up-to-date technology.
  • It has responsive features that can be opened and used with any device.
  • Both our software and our design approach are user-oriented.
  • It is designed in harmony with the expectations of search engines.
  • It is important to back up data.
  • The SSL certificate ensures the protection of personal data and account information.
  • Multi-language support is provided to maintain your presence in the international media.
  • Social media integration is carried out so that users can easily find you on social media.
  • With our ready-made design and custom design websites, the most suitable digital space is provided for the style and concept of your brand.